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I am ready to work


I have been assembling the welding of pipelines for more than 10 years. Gas pipelines, heat lines and other various systems.
I confidently own the MMA method and practice gas welding. I speak good English and have the desire to work and achieve goals. I can say with confidence that I stand out from the general crowd with my professional approach, speed and responsibility.
I have never consumed alcohol in my life !!!


Experience : 10 years
Languages : English, Russian (Mother tongue)
Driving licence : B category
Looking for job in : Scandinavia, Baltic states
Work term : Full time and part time
Rotation : 3/1 weeks

Welding certificates

EN ISO 9606 - 311 T BW FM1 S s03.6 D48.3 H-L045 ss nb, valid until 2021
EN 287-1, 111 T BW 1,1 B t06.3 D 114.3 H-L045 ss nb, valid until 2019

Other certificates

Byggekort Norge
Hotwork - Scandinavia
Lift Kart

I am ready to work