Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between Profplace and other recruitment websites?

We visualise, confirm and pack your skills into an attractive product that is at least 12 times more informative than any other resumes out there. We believe that CV are dead now and it’s time to use new recruitment technologies.
Job seekers would receive a video that show their skills confirmed by the Profplace staff.

How does it work? How can Profplace prove my skills?

In short: You, as the candidate, shooting a video of your work process, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a contract job or you help a friend to build a house.
Suppose you are faced with the task of making a metal staircase, garage gates, laying out a stove in a house, or conducting electricity in an apartment.
In the case with stairs and gates, the work can be broken down approximately into these main stages:

  • Object inspection, dimensioning, sketching
  • Cutting of workpieces, drilling, and other processing
  • Assembly and welding
  • Installing the product
  • Quality check

After all, all these stages can be filmed on video, every day you can shoot for only 10-30 minutes. Put the camera at a distance of 4-10 meters from you and let it film the process of your work.
Further, you send all the video material to Profplace team. We watch it and evaluate your skills, next, we make an attractive video for free and post it to your Profplace profile, which you filled out earlier.
With such video and proven skills from the third person like Profplace, interest in your skills from employers increases by 12 times. If, for some reason, you do not want your video to be publicly available, no problem, let us know, and we will just confirm your skills.
Plus, if the employer shows a healthy interest in you but still doubts, we will give him access to properly prepared original video materials, and then all doubts will disappear by themselves.
We understand that this example may not suit you personally, and you still do not know what stages to break your work into, what and how to shoot, so we are ready to listen to you and create an individual plan for you. Message us! –

And what about my international certificates, aren’t these enough to confirm my skills?

Yes, these certificates do prove your skill knowledge, but there might be a gap in between knowing the skill and knowing how to use it. That’s why we think that certificates are not enough.
In any case, your certificates will always be an advantage and they will be considered by the Profplace team and will be presented to the Employer.

Which documents Profplace can take into account?

All of the documents that prove your qualification will be considered by Profplace, and all of them will also be presented to the Employer because here at ProfPlace we respect your skills.

Can my qualification documents or any other certificates be used as a confirmation of my skills?

90% of your skills might be approved by the Profplace team based on the video showing you and your skills.

Can I send photos of my works being done/projects?

Unfortunately photos cannot be used to confirm your skills.

Will filming the end result of the works done by me will be enough for Profplace to confirm my skills?

No, we would only accept videos of the actual work process as a proof of your skills. Please do not sent us the end result without the actual work process.

How do I know what to shoot on video?

After the registration and verification of your account you would receive an email from us with a step by step guide on how to shoot a good video. Also, you can contact our Customer Support team via and receive an advice/suggestion.

Can I use my website profile and the video that Profplace team did for me anywhere else?

Yes, You can use both your profile and the video that Profplace team will do for as you wish, i.e. to look for job on other websites

There are company logos/other people/anything else in the video that I don’t want other people to see. What should I do?

In that case you should let us know in advance so we can remove/blur all the unwanted objects in the video. You should use “additional information” field during video upload for this purpose.

How will the Employer get in touch with me?

The Employer will get in touch with you via our internal chat, where you would be able to discuss all the details of your future job. We should note that it is forbidden to share direct contacts in chat – all the chat activity is being automatically monitored and any violations will be removed.

My original video material that I will be sending to Profplace – who would get access to it?

Profplace team will get access to your video but rest assured that it will only be used to confirm your skills and to create a final video for you.
We will never share your videos with any 3rd party.
We should add that sometimes the Employer might ask us to provide them with the original videos that were shoot by you. In that case Profplace would ask your approval to do this and will never provide these videos to anyone, including the Employer if we will not have your approval to do so.

What if i don’t have any video footage currently, can i still register on your website and start receiving offers from Employers?

Yes, sure. While ads with video will obviously get more exposure, ads without video material are qualified by the Employers exactly the same as the ones with video. If your profile becomes of an interest to the Employer, you will be contacted via messages section of the website.

Are all professions/trades are accepted on Profplace?

Absolutely! Profplace is happy to welcome people of all trades/professions that on the website.

How does it work from an employer position?

The employer is searching for a suitable candidate, relying on proved by Profeplace worker’s professional skills and other information. After, the employer contacts the worker via chat and makes a job offer. The offer should include information about the timing, workplace, salary, and other relevant points. The employer can also request temporary access to the original video materials of this specialist to get more certainty in the candidate competency.

When both parties have agreed and confirmed their consent by clicking on the “Deal” button, Profplace representative will contact the employer. The one-time fee for providing the candidate’s direct contact details need to be paid to Profplace by employer. The one-time payment is calculated according to the following formula: 20-40% of the monthly salary, or by the fixed amount per hour multiplied by 170 hours.

Note, 15 days after the transaction, the employer can return 20% of the amount paid if he leaves a detailed review about the chosen candidate.

What guarantee does the employer get after the transaction?

In case when the employer is not satisfied with the employee’s practical skills, he has the right, within 14 days after the transaction, to open a claim. It will be considered by Profplace team within 3 working days, and if accepted, the customer can choose another specialist from the database free of charge.