Profplace – because seeing is believing.
Profplace is a handy search tool for all sorts of specialists. You can quickly browse through many videos showcasing an individual’s skills. Instantly, in front of your own eyes, you can witness the unique capabilities of a particular expert. So when you like what you saw, you can prize him, by leaving a recommendation comments right underneath the videos. Being confident in one’s quality, you can contact the specialist directly via chat and offer work projects. It’s that simple!
For the workers Profplace is:
  • A #1 place to find new projects and assignments – fast and easy! Just record a short video, send it to us and we will tune it for FREE, upload it to your profile for public view on Profplace platform.
  • A great opportunity to see and to be seen on the market, choosing from many sectors and being in FREE contact with your Clients.
  • An unmissable chance to stand out and excel in your career, proving that you are the right man for the job.
For the Clients Profplace is:
  • A #1 place to find a perfect match between individual’s skills and your project.
  • Great tool to browse through a load of candidates, comparing their skills and posting projects.
  • A chance to hire the best of the bests, using FREE chat platform.
  • Profplace is a state-of-art tool for matching right skills with right jobs.
  • It’s a brand new approach to recruitment – fast, modern and cost-efficient.
Still not sure about the Profplace?
Then consider this – CVs are usually overloaded with unnecessary information making it difficult to understand.
Save your resources and precious time – make the right choice, and every time.
Over the last 3 years, our team extensively tested the Profplace platform.
Astonishingly, it turns out, that skill showcasing video is 12x more effective than the best-written CV or any other text-based portfolio!
So what are you waiting for? Join us and be part of the revolution redefining recruitment rules!
Take place at Profplace. Today.