How to shoot video?!


We welcome you! Do you agree that modern problems require a modern solution?

Practice shows that peoples’ trust in CV has dropped to a minimum. Today, the employer wants to see more proof that you are a specialist and have the required skills. That’s right, we confirm the skills of employees based on a correctly filmed video they sent to us.

Profplace – visualizes, validates, and packs your skills into an attractive product that is at least 12 times more interesting and informative than any other resume.

Let’s begin! It would help if you had a clear understanding of what and how you should shoot. The common formula of success for all the professions is – film the process of how you work!
If you have some project for more than one hour, just divide the work into operations and shoot each separately for 10-20 minutes.

Below you find helpful video instructions of how and what to shoot.

Test instruction for all welders.

This example shows you how to prove your skills in all types of welding and in all spatial positions. Please note that you can easily shoot video directly from the workplace while you are in the actual working process, but not just doing a welder’s test like here in the example. The main thing is to shoot the welding process and show the result.


Instructions for any other specialists.

This instruction helps you to understand what you need to shoot exactly and how to do it. The important thing to keep in mind is that, regardless of its volume, almost any work procedure can be divided into different operations. You can shoot a video for each operation separately. In case you always do only a single particular operation, great, continue shooting just this.

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