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I have been working in the energy sector for 19 years; I am engaged in constructing various pipelines, such as gas lines, central heating, connecting of various power units, pump stations, cooling systems, and so on.

My welding experience of the pipeline grows monthly for all types of welding. This is because 90% of the objects I’m invited are problematic objects, where it is highly necessary to work quickly with excellent quality to be in time.

I am skilled in arc welding, gas welding, and TIG welding. (All 6g certificates are up to date)
But welding is just a part of my work, I also work as a pipefitter, I read ISO drawings, or may work just by chart/diagram. In a case when by any reason work has to be provided without any drawing or diagram, I may do my own ISO in Autocad/or manual sketch, confirm it with the site manager, and finish the job.


My company 


Experience : 20 years
Languages : English (A1, B2), Russian (Mother tongue), Swedish (B1), German (A1), Norwegian (A2)
Driving licence : A category, B category
Citizenship : Estonia
Visa : No Visa
Looking for job in : Europe, Scandinavia, Baltic states, Worldwide
Work term : Full time and part time
Rotation : 3/2 weeks

Welding certificates

TUV EN 287 -1 141 T BW 8.1 S t01.5 D 51 H-L045 ss nb, valid until 2022
TUV EN 287 - 1 111 T BW 8.1 R t03.6 D114.3 H-45 ss nb , valid until 2022
EN 287 - 1, 311 T BW 1.1 B t 3,5 D 60,3 H-L045 ss nb, valid until 2022

Other certificates

Byggekort Norge
Hotwork - Scandinavia
Powerpipe System AB, Sleeves Certificate
Works on the road - Sweden
Works on the road - Norway
Lift Kart
SSG Card