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I am a 6G high-tech welder. . I have 10 years of experience in welding work and Tig welding methods (141). SMAW electric welding rod (111). mig , mag (131,135) Experience working with welding carbon steel and stainless steel and super duplex steel I work in the field of welding pipes that require weld quality and work at projects of petrochemical refineries, thermal power plants, gas ….. I have 5 years working on welding pipes at factory projects when burning thermal power plants…., in Vietnam . I spent 3 years working welding pipes at an oil refinery and gas pipeline project for Aramco energy group in Saudi Arabia. .I have 2 years working as a pipe welder at a Kuwait petrochemical refinery project .Currently, I am working as a shipbuilding pipe welder in Lithuania Imformation : .experience: 10 year . language: Vietnamese mother tongue, English (C) .driving license. category B2 . citizenship: Vietnamese .Visa: Lithuanian 2-year residence card . Looking for job in. Europe, Baltic states .Work term: full time and part time .Rotation. 3/2 weeks


Experience : 10 years
Languages : English (A1)
Driving licence : B category
Citizenship : Lithuania
Visa : Lithuania
Looking for job in : Europe, Baltic states, Worldwide
Work term : Full time
Rotation : 3/2 weeks

Welding certificates

141, valid until 2024

Other certificates

Hotwork - Baltic States