Shipyard welder 135, 136, 111. –

I am ready to work

Profplace approved skills based on:

Videos: 145minutesProjects: 5pcs.Documents: 1pcs.
Can work independently

Tool operation knowledge:
Basic hand tools
MIG Carbon PF position
MIG Carbon PB position
MMA Carbon PF Position
MIG Carbon PD Position


I have been working as an arc MMA welder since 2006. I started my career at the Kherson shipyard, Kherson, Ukraine.
Since 2013 I have been working in Poland at the shipyards of Gdynia and Gdansk to this day. Experience 136, 135, and 111. Air arc gouging. Welding the joints of the outer cladding under the ceramic backing.
1.Card LONG TERM RESIDENT OF EU, (the right to work in the EU without a work permit for up to 3 months)
2. English B1
3. Polish B1 (certificate)
4. German (basic)


Experience : 15 years
Languages : English (B1), Russian (Mother tongue), German (A1)
Driving licence : B category
Citizenship : Ukraine
Visa : Poland
Looking for job in : Europe, Scandinavia, Baltic states, Worldwide
Work term : Full time and part time
Rotation : Open to your suggestions

Welding certificates

Burea Veritas 136 P BW, FW, valid until 2022
DNV 136 P, BW (expired)
BUREA VERITAS 136 P, BW, FW (expired)

Other certificates

I am ready to work