Metall construction Welder and fitter + Driver –

I am ready to work


Extensive experience in MMA welding. Worked as a welder at GMC, diplomas.
Ability to get out of difficult situations.

Once, 28dec., When it makes no sense to wait for help, I welded the drawbar from the three-batteries trailer. We drove (3 tractors) a huge oversized, and this was the last trip from St. Petersburg to Moscow, and the last car came off the drawbar at the crossing. The welding mask, the electrodes and the wire were found quickly, everything that needed to be welded was welded. Delivered on time and returned on time.
How I installed a cast-iron battery instead of a radiator is another story.

Finnish initial, I like Finnish culture, people, state. EVERYTHING, extensive experience in international groupage cargo transportation Finland-Russia, tractor, timber manipulator, lathe 16k20. Rational in work. I can invent, manufacture, and introduce into production all sorts of mechanisms, conductors. Healthy, regular, without fanaticism to anything. I prefer the solitude of a noisy company.



Experience : 15 years
Languages : Russian (Mother tongue)
Driving licence : B category, C category, C1 category
Citizenship : Russia
Visa : No Visa
Looking for job in : Scandinavia
Work term : Full time
Rotation : Open to your suggestions

Other certificates

Safe Slinging and Lifting
Forklift operator
Safety Card