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Profplace approved skills based on:

Videos: 200minutesProjects: 2pcs.Recommendations: 1pcs.Documents: 4pcs.
Can work independently
Team working

Tool operation knowledge:
Basic hand tools
Pipewelder - MMA small and big DNs


Welder assembler. Experience in the boiler room (dismantling and installation of a furnace, high and low-pressure coils, piping of collectors, bunkers, assembly and welding of chimneys with a height of 80 meters, repair of screws, repair, and installation of deaerators). Repair of cyclones, installation, and repair of electrostatic precipitators. Installation of an ammonia filling station in the port of Sillamäe. Pipe system welding. Possession of welding MMA, TIG certificates are available.


Experience : 16 years
Languages : Russian (Mother tongue)
Driving licence : B category
Citizenship : Estonia
Visa : No Visa
Looking for job in : Europe, Scandinavia, Baltic states, Worldwide
Work term : Full time
Rotation : 3/1 weeks

Welding certificates

141 T BW FM1 S s 10,0 D 60,3 H-L045 ss nb, valid until 2021
111 T BW FM1 B s8,8 D273,0 H-L045 ss nb, valid until 2021

Other certificates

Hotwork - Scandinavia