Pipe welder 6G, Fitter and plastic Sleeves installer, Logstor, Powerpipe, Poliurs (Shrink and electro) – ProfPlace.com

I am ready to work

Profplace approved skills based on:

Videos: 130minutesProjects: 1pcs.Documents: 3pcs.
Can work independently
Team working

Reading and understanding blueprints, schemes:
2D blueprints
3D blueprints

Tool operation knowledge:
Basic hand tools
Rigging equipment
Pipefitter - small and big DNs
Pipewelder - MMA small and big DNs

Numeracy skills


I am a young and determined worker. I try to work quickly and efficiently. I’m not afraid of difficult jobs, on the other hand I like challenges. I never quit my job half finished, I always finish it.


Experience : 8 years
Languages : English (B1), Russian (B1), , German (C1)Norwegian (A2)
Driving licence : B category
Citizenship : Lithuania
Visa : No Visa
Looking for job in : Europe, Scandinavia, Baltic states
Work term : Part time
Rotation : Open to your suggestions

Welding certificates

EN ISO 9606-1 111 BW FM1 B s12 D 114 H-l45 ss nb, valid until 2021
EN ISO 9606-1 141 BW FM1 B s12 D 114 H-l45 ss nb (expired, but I surely know this method)

Other certificates

Powerpipe System AB, Sleeves Certificate