semi automatic welder –

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Profplace approved skills based on:

Videos: 40minutesProjects: 2pcs.
Can work independently
Team working

Tool operation knowledge:
Basic hand tools
Gas cutting/welding equipment


With an increased quality requirement, welding of metal structures, I have been doing this for over 14 years.

It all started with training in a vocational school for 4 years of practice and theory with leading experts in Estonia. Further work at various enterprises throughout the Baltics and Scandinavia.

I can say with confidence that my skills in MIG and MMA welding are fully sufficient for the quality performance of almost any welding work.


Experience : 14 years
Languages : English (A1), Russian (Mother tongue)
Driving licence : B category
Citizenship :
Visa :
Looking for job in : Scandinavia, Baltic states
Work term : Full time and part time
Rotation : 3/1 weeks

Welding certificates

146, valid until 2022
136, valid until 2021

Other certificates

Hotwork - Scandinavia